Snake Bites me During Pregnancy


Mrs Olubukola Williams narrates her story on how a little cobra snake bited her hand in their bathroom while she’s still at 6 month pregnant, and before the Poisson started spreading all over her body she immediately went straight to the hospital for treatment .

“am in the bathroom bathing so I just spread my hand to pick my towel I didn’t know that the was there, it’s catch my hand and just disappear all of a sudden, “.

She came out from the bathroom and then started shouting snake snake snake people that hear her voices came out and some of their neighbors were shouting “where is it where is it? “.

They started showing her some hospitality and telling her to go straight to the hospital for a medical treatment.

Many people are talking about how dangerous those Poissonouse snake is.

Snake are dangerous creatures we should all beware of those snake around us.


A terrible nightmare

A Pregnant woman narrates her worst nightmare to the pastor IMG-20180622-WA0001 Titilope Anifowora A lekki Residential House Wife in Lagos , “It’s was a terrible nightmare for me I can’t sleep at that night ” she added to her story how a giant snake visit her during the night while she’s sleeping.

She said she was so afraid to the extendt that she thought the whole world is about to end at that moment, she explained further that the big snake was crawling inside her bedroom and later stand beside the and started staring at her “am so so scared at that moment I couldn’t do anything the only thing that came out of my mouth was Jesus Jesus Jesus Christ before the snake then disappear ” as she said “that snake got scared out of me pastor am so confused I couldn’t help myself”. Titilope who is in eight months pregnant foretold how she came out of a horrible nightmare.

Then pastor now pray for her and

gave her some advice on how to pray before sleeping at night,

He then gave some scriptures to read any day anytime anywhere

Remember to pray before you sleep at night because of bad things and dangerous things that can happen in the middle of the night

Paradise – Super Woman



A must blow artist ..popularly known as paradise is out with another best new hit song tittled SUPERWOMAN.after realising a song tittled insurance featuring Benue boy..paradise resently graduated from university.. He is Idoma by tribe from Benue state but staying in Lagos.
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